I never really kept a bookmarks list, instead I relied mostly on my ability to find anything important on Google. But about 1-2 months ago I came to reevaluate that behaviour, mostly because of these rare edge cases where it took me a long time to find something I knew I had found once. So I looked for a good chrome extension or service to keep bookmarks.

However I didn't find anything that really suited my needs. So I cleaned out the good old default chrome bookmarks manager, there were some really old sites in there, and started bookmarking away. Now the default chrome bookmarks manager isn't bad. It looks a bit dated but on the plus side it's tightly integrated into chrome and syncs automatically with my other Google settings. The only downside it has is that there's not way to publish bookmarks or somehow share them socially. So in order to fill that void I'm starting to post my bookmarks list, along with short comments, on my blog every so often.

So without further ado, here are my bookmarks for June 2017: