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Voice Assistants

Google Home

I use Google Home to have voice controls for all my devices and as a digital assistant. Devices relevant for voice controls are exposed to Google Assistant via the Nabu Casa integration. In my apartment I've deployed 5 Google Home devices to reach 100% coverage of voice recognition in all rooms. In addition to voice control they also serve as smart speakers for playing music or notifications.

Some of the commands I use most often:

Okay Google ...

  • [open/close] the blinds
  • turn [all/the bedroom/the living room] lights [on/off]
  • play [music/radio] [.../on everywhere]
  • add [item] to the shopping list
  • what's the temperature [inside/outside]?
  • turn off the tv
Device Description Count
Google Home The original Google Home. Has pretty good sound quality from multiple speakers. I have one placed near the computer desk and I use it to listen to music. 1
Google Home Mini This a small version of a Google Home, it has only one speaker. I have one in the bathroom, bedroom and loggia. They're decent enough to listen to music ocasionally. 3
Google Nest Hub This one is also a smart display. It can show receipts, timers, maps, youtube videos and more. I have one in the kitchen, it's ideal for cooking. Also nice to see the weather forecast for the whole week. It has a touch screen but I operate it only by voice 95% of the time. 1